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Projects Completed

Emergency Repairs Reach C Project: New Orleans to Venice Hurricane Protection; Grand Prairie Levee District, Reach C, Emergency Levee Repairs; B/L Stations 482+64 to 489+50; Plaquemines Parish, LA; Contract No.: W912P8-06-C-0029

Lakefront Emergency Repairs Project: Lake Pontchartrain, LA and Vicinity, New Orleans East Area Plan Emergency Restoration; Lakefront Levees and Floodwalls Scour Repairs to Remaining Structures; Orleans Parish, LA; Contract No.: W912P8-06-C-0104

Vintage Drive Interim Projection Project: LPV-03a.1 Lake Pontchartrain, LA, and Vicinity High Level Plan; Jefferson Parish-St. Charles Return Levee; Vintage Drive Interim Protection-Phase 1; Jefferson Parish Louisiana; Contract No.: W912P8-06-C-0148

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