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Highway Street and Bridge Construction

Due to the changing environment we live in there will constantly be a need for the maintenance, repair and building of additional highways, streets and bridges and PCC performs Highway, Street and Bridge Construction. Our work scope includes:


Driveways, Parking Areas, etc, Asphalt and/or Concrete

Concrete Bridges, over and underpasses

Steel Bridges, over and underpasses

Wood Bridges, over and underpasses

Secondary Roads

Highway and Street Subsurface Drainage & Sewer Work

Permanent or Paved Highways and Streets (asphalt surface treatment)

Permanent or Paved Highways and Streets (concrete)

Permenent or Paved Highways and Streets (soil cement)

Site Work- Clearing, Grubbing & Snagging

Culverts and Drainage Structures

Earthwork, Drainage and Levees

Barrier Placement

Traffic Control